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Mic Boogie

Born and raised in Oshawa, 30 mins outside of Toronto, Michael “Mic Boogie” Lamourie grew up in a blue collar world defined by hockey, classic rock, and General Motors.

From an early age, it was clear that his love for Hip Hop music and culture, bolstered by musical groundbreakers like Grand Master Flash & the Furious Five, the Boogie Boys, and Run DMC, Mike’s interest spread from what the music meant, to how the music was made.In the time he didn’t spend playing basketball and football in high school, Mike surrounded himself with local MC’s and producers, building his talent and skills as a lyricist, producer, and entertainer.

Mentored in production by local DJ Rodney “Rod C” Woodman, Mike soon moved on to writing his own rhymes, and developing his style.Mike hooked up with Pocket Dweller front man Nigel “N.I.Gel” Williams after performing at local parties and freestyle sessions, and formed SRL (Suburban Rap Lords).

Together they rocked local talent shows and contests, but wanting to define himself as a solo artist, Mike parted ways to find his own musical path.

Mic Boogie is the product of the curiosity, passion, and dedication that Mike Lamourie brings to his music, mixing the sounds of 60s and 70s classic rock with the style and flair of 80s Hip Hop. Production that can shake the room mixed with a laid back delivery that’s equally at home attacking current events and hyping the crowd. A harsh dose of reality, a comic twist, and a guarantee that you’ll want more are the calling cards of Toronto MC Mic Boogie.

Mic Boogie shared the stage with K-OS in his early years, and has since performed with artists such as G Knight, Pocket Dweller front man NIGel, Renny Holladae, Kinsmuv of S.L.U.G., Keelo Gramz and Lindo P.

He’s also been asked to perform at several large scale parties and events, including two Chris Bosh (Toronto Raptors) Charity Christmas Shows, and the Billboard Hip Hop and R&B Conference in Atlanta. Most recently the new co-host of Roc Da Mic Toronto.